Frequently Asked Questions

How will my pet benefit from utilizing a professional pet sitter?

Home Sweet Home - your pets are relaxed in their own familiar environment.

The Basics - your pets diet and exercise routine will stay consistent.

Health - your pets anxiety and overall health will not be compromised from staying at a boarding facility.

Affectionate Care - While you are away from home your pets receive personal love and play time.


How will I benefit from utlizing a professional pet sitter?

Peace of Mind - While away from home, rest assured that your best friends are in capable hands.

Travel - You can leave town without adding more stress by transporting your pets to and from boarding facilities. 

Security - Your home is being visited daily and will have the appearance that you are home.

Friends/Family - You can only ask for so many favors.


What happens at the free initial "getting acquainted" visit?

At our first meeting we are introduced to your pets, become familiar with your home and your routine.  We take the time to go over all special considerations and will review our client/pet service contract and policies & procedures document.  These forms are printable from every page.


What if an emergency arises at our home or with our pets?

We will make every effort to contact you immediately.  We then will turn to your local contact.  Dawn to Dusk has ten years of dealing with property and animal emergencies.

How am I billed and what is the due date?

We gladly leave an invoice on our last visit and look to receive payment within two weeks.

Are references available?

Please refer to our testimonial page and inquire at local vet clinics about our services.